oh swtor, how I sometimes miss you
Yes new op on the horizon :). And even with 1 boss/month is still good :)
Did I really hear about a new operation (even if delivered piecemeal)???
Hey there :) looking to join guild soon.
Carrie Fisher's daughter has confirmed that she has passed away after the massive heart attack she had on her flight from London. :(

Are you an Eternal Warrior?

As a result of some officer discussions, the Republic Gentlemen have decided to take on the quest of the Eternal Warrior and acquire a legendary Crest of the Dread Master for everyone who participates.

See the full Announcement here, and post here with your questions and comments.

Watch this space for further news, dates/times, and other instructions.

UPDATE: Due to the game bugs currently associated with 16-player phases (and specifically, the inability to reset them), the Eternal Warrior quest is on hold until further notice.  At such time as BioWare sees fit to fix these Operations Group instance bugs, we'll resume the quest.

UPDATE: On Wed, Apr 27 we successfully killed the Dreadful Entity a second time and added a few new Dread Slayers to the roster.

Unfortunately, even though Team Dik Dik did a great job at quickly clearing the first bosses of S&V Nightmare, game bugs related to changing phases plagued the team and ultimately prevented us from being able to summon the Hateful Entity, let alone defeat it.

(What do you do when your ops group goes through the purple door and finds themselves split up into FOUR DIFFERENT INSTANCES of the same op?!?)

Our next run will be on Hateful Entity on Wednesday, May 18.

We are skipping a couple of weeks to accomodate people who will be out on vacation as well as to give everyone a chance to prepare.  We will be going directly into S&V Nightmare with a full 16-player team to clear the first bosses and summon Hateful all in one session in order to avoid the phase-change issues.

As promised, here is the kill video from April 27:

Revan Down!

Murda a posted Sep 9, 15  -  Republic GentlemenRevanTeam Platypus

Hey RG and friends,

Team Platypus finally defeated Revan on 9/7/2015 at 11:00PM after a couple of long nights of attempts. Here is a screenshot for all you who wish to see. Also, a video link is down below too.

Team Platypus Revan Kill 9/7/2015```

Republic Gentlemen - Revan HM Kill Video

Hayete Finally saw this video lol Great job Could use more Sentinels though
Bastiilla Reborn Congrats guys!
Ruhk a Very Niiiiice

PSA Regarding RSS Changes

Kaddak a posted Jul 12, 15

Hey all,

This message is for anyone who was using RSS at the old site to push new content to them instead of habitually checking the website. Unlike at guildportal, there is no RSS feed associated with the Shout box or members-only forums. The only content you can have delivered to you via RSS on enjin is the news widget or public forums.

That being said, if you want to post something that is very time-critical, I strongly suggest you post it to news or make a new public forum post in addition to a shout. This way, the most amount of people get the information quickly.

This message was brought to you by your laziest, non-website-checking officer.

Guild Site Transition

Poptart a posted Jul 3, 15

Since guildportal has been constantly going down over the past month we are in the process of porting over the old content to enjin.

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